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Keyboard Shortcuts

Hoory has keyboard shortcuts that perform operations to help you navigate through the dashboards more quickly and efficiently.

To display the list of available keyboard shortcuts, press CMD + / (Win + / on Windows) or select the corresponding category from the profile settings dropdown.


Here are some keyboard shortcuts we use at Hoory:

On MacOn WindowsDescription
⌥ + J / ⌥ + KAlt + J / Alt + KOpen conversation or Toggle (up and down) conversation from the list.
⌘ + ⌥ + EWin + Alt + EResolves the current conversation and open the next conversation.
Up / DownUp / DownHelps to navigate dropdown items up and down.
Option + EAlt + EResolves the current opened conversation.
Option + CAlt + CToggle to the Conversation dashboard page.
Option + VAlt + VToggle to the Contacts dashboard page.
Option + RAlt + RToggle to the Reports dashboard page.
Option + SAlt + SToggle to the Settings dashboard page.
Option + AAlt + AAdd an attachment to the editor.
Option + OAlt + OToggle (open and close) conversation sidebar.
Option + NAlt + NMove to the next tab in the conversation list.
Option + BAlt + BSwitch to the next conversation status.
Option + PAlt + PSwitch to Private Note in editor.
Option + LAlt + LSwitch to Reply editor.
Option + WAlt + WToggle Rich Content editor.
Option + MAlt + MToggle (open and close) snooze dropdown.