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Conversation Workflow

The customer initiates a conversation from the website front end through the widget.

For example, a customer types in 'hi'.

Hoory Widget Screen

The automated response set in the channel greeting message will immediately be displayed on the screen as a reply. In addition, two more automated messages will be sent by the 'bot' to collect customer information (email ID) for further communication and record.


If the customer does not initiate conversation and you have enabled campaign message, the message will be displayed on the screen just above the widget to attract customer attention.

Campaign Message Display to End User

Pre-Chat Forms

If you have enabled Pre-Chat forms in Inbox, as soon as the customer clicks the chat widget, the message requesting their name and email ID will appear on the screen as shown below.

Hoory Widget Pre Chat Form

You can find more details about configuring pre-chat forms through this guide.

Now, let's look at how this message is captured in the Agent Dashboard.


Go to the homescreen of Hoory agent dashboard.

Hoory Dashboard Home Screen

Click Conversations. Then click All. The conversation which the customer has initiated can be seen here.

Conversations Screen

The details of the conversation open up in the right-hand side panel.

Assign Agent

If the inbox has been created with 'auto assign' not enabled, the conversation will not be assigned to any agent. Click the drop-box below Assigned Agent and select the Agent name. You can change the assigned agents any time you want.

Assign Agent to Conversation Drop Down

Assign Team

Click the drop-box below Assigned Team and select the team which this conversation belongs to.

Assign Team to Conversation Drop Down

Assign Labels

Click Add Labels below Conversation Labels and select the category which this conversation belongs to.

Assign Lable to Converesation Drop Down

You can see in the screenshot that all your actions are seen in the chat window of the Agent Dashboard.

Actions done are recorded Chat screen

Reply for the Conversation

You can reply to a customer conversation by typing in the reply area. Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut will enable you to start typing in a new line.

Chat Reply Window

Click the Send button to send your message to the customer.

Various options are there in the Reply area to enhance the messages.

Emoji Button This Button is to select and include Emoji in the message.Attachment Button This Button is to select and include attachments in the message.Rich Text Editor Button This Button enables to use the Rich Text Editor. Additional options appear on the Reply screen as shown below.
Chat Reply Window

Once the message is typed and edited, you need to tick the checkbox to send the message to the customer. Below is an example of how the message will look like when a rich text editor is used. If you want to go back to normal text, click the rich text editor button again.

Rich Text Edite Message Screen

How to Send Canned Responses

Suppose you wish to include one of your pre-created canned responses as a reply, type '/', then the short name of the message. An example is given below. Once you type '/', the available canned responses will be listed and you wil be able to select from them.

Canned Response Selection Window

Private Chat with Agents

There is an option to discuss the customer's conversation with a fellow agent if you need some more clarification. This option is available just beside the Reply tab, named Private Note.

Private Note Window

Type '@' in the Private Note window and all the agents who have been added to this team will be listed. Select the agent and type in the message that you want to consult with this agent.

Agent Selection Screen

Click Add Note to send the message. You can see a locked sign on the message that you sent as it will not be visible to the customer.

Message to Agent Window

The second agent who the private chat is addressed to, will recieve a notification in his account.

Hoory Home Screen

Replies sent by the second agent will be visible in your private chat window.

Delete Message

There is an option to delete the message which you have already sent. Click the 3 dots (...) beside the sent message. You can copy or delete the message. Click Delete and the message will be deleted.

Delete Option for Chat Screen

Sending Emails

Once the end user has provided their email ID through the conversation, the agent can send email the chat conversation to the customer. The email ID will be listed in front of the customer's name in the details window. The email ID will automatically be added to the contacts, as well.

Customer email ID display screen

Click the 3 dots on the top right-hand side of the screen. There is an option to send transcript.

Customer email ID display screen

A screen opens up with the first option as 'Send the transcript to assinged agent' and the second option as 'Send the transcript to another email address'.

Send Transcript options

An email can be sent to the agents in the team by selecting the first option. By selecting the second option, and giving the email ID of the end user, the chat transcript can be sent to the customer.

Send Transcript to Customer Option

Click Submit. A message will be displayed "The chat transcript was successfully sent". The end user will recieve the chat transcript in his email inbox.

Sending Emails from Widget

Once the conversation has been marked as 'Resolved' by the agent, an option will appear on the Hoory Widget as 'Request a conversation transcript'. Customer can click it and record the conversation in email.

Hoory widget Send Transcript to Customer Option

If the customer clicks it, an email will be sent to them and a message will be displayed on top of the widget as 'The chat transcript was successfully sent'

Hoory widget email sent message screen

Transfering Agents

You can transfer the ticket/issue to another agent by selecting a different agent from Assign Agent option. The whole conversation will be visible to the newly selected agent.

Changing Conversation Status or Setting Reminders

Conversation Statuses

Hoory conversations can be toggled into the following statuses:

Pending : The pending status is used by bot integrations in Hoory to keep the conversations in a temporary state before the agent takes a look at it. Once the bot finishes triaging the conversation, it toggles the status into open. The agent can toggle back the conversation into this state if they want the conversation to be handled by the bot again. This status is useful when your Hoory instance has an AI assistant.

Open : The default conversation status in Hoory for a new conversation unless a Bot Integration has been enabled. These are conversations from customers waiting on a reply from the agent.

Snoozed : If you don't have the full information to resolve a conversation and you are expecting further replies, you can toggle the conversation as snoozed. This status is also helpful in cases where you need extra time to investigate the issue and you want to move the conversation away from your primary support queue. Snoozed status is also a helpful way to set reminders on a conversation that you want to come back to later.

The followed options are supported for Snoozed status:

  • Snooze until next reply
  • Snooze until tomorrow
  • Snooze until next week

Resolved : These are conversations which have already been addressed and require no further communication. The Resolved status is equivalent to closing the customer support ticket.


The agent can choose the appropriate conversation status once the solution is conveyed to the customer.

Hoory Conversation Screen

The allowed options are given below:

Mark as PendingChange the issue to Pending status
ResolveChange the issue to Close status
ReopenChange the issue to Open status
OpenChange the pending issue to Open status
Snooze Until Next ReplyThe issue will be set aside for now and status will change to open on next reply from customer
Snooze Until TomorrowThe issue will be set aside for now and status will change to open on next day
Snooze Until Next WeekThe issue will be set aside for now and status will change to open on next week

The Conversations can be selected and viewed as per their status on the Conversation section, as shown below.

Conversation Status Section

Note: When an agent changes the conversation status to Open, the conversation will automatically be assigned to that agent.


Once the ticket or conversation is marked as 'Resolved', if the CSAT option is enabled, a survey will be sent to the customer in the widget.

Hoory Widget CSAT Screen

The response from the customer can be viewed in CSAT section in Reports.

Previous Conversations

Once the conversation has been marked as resolved and CSAT has already been obtained, next time the same customer starts a new conversation, the previous conversation associated with that customer will be shown on the screen. It will help the agent to understand the history of the customer's issue.

Hoory Conversation Window

Click the name below the Previous Conversation and the details of the past conversation will open up and it can be used as reference for the agent.

Hoory Conversation Window

If there has been more than one conversation from the same customer, allof them will be listed under Previous Conversations and the agent can select which ones to view.